Success Stories


Kevin came to Malaika midway through the K4 program. When he arrived, Kevin didn’t know the alphabet or how to spell his name. Staff spent much one-on-one time with Kevin that first year, and then he stayed for the K5 program. When Kevin left Malaika, he was reading, adding, subtracting, and much more. Kevin was so proficient, in fact, that he tested into the 2nd grade at his elementary school.


When John first came to Malaika for K5, his teacher immediately observed that he lacked the basic skills needed to master K5 coursework. John could not write his name or hold a pencil correctly. He also exhibited poor social skills and used inappropriate language when interacting with his peers. John’s teacher worked intensely with him, teaching him to regulate his behavior so he could focus on developing early literacy skills. As a result of these efforts, John learned to control his behavior and respond appropriately, and soon he was able to print his name and write simple sentences. John made significant progress and by year’s end was ready for first grade.


Isaiah’s mother sought a small school environment where he would be challenged to reach his full potential, so she enrolled him in Malaika’s K4 program. Isaiah was a curious and eager learner and in both K4 and K5 he excelled in his academic, social and physical skills. For Isaiah’s next stage of education, his mother was determined to find a school with a rigorous curriculum and high academic standards. Therefore, she applied to University School of Milwaukee. Isaiah passed the entrance assessment and was accepted to the school. Isaiah is doing well there now, and his mother credits Malaika for helping him obtain the skills and experiences needed to meet the entrance requirements.


Jamya was just an infant when her mother enrolled her at Malaika. As the middle child in a family of five, Jamya sought reassurance and approval from her teachers. Though an eager learner, Jamya was moody during her first years at Malaika: sometimes affectionate, other times belligerent or withdrawn. Jamya’s K3 teacher worked diligently with her, teaching Jamya to verbalize her feelings rather than withdraw or become angry. Gradually, Jamya learned to express herself and began to interact positively with her peers. Jamya entered K4 with a greater sense of security, self-confidence, and the solid academic foundation that has enabled her to master the K4 coursework. Malaika’s individual attention, nurturing, and firm guidance have helped Jamya blossom into an enthusiastic learner.

These examples are not exceptions at Malaika: 95% of our children leave Malaika at or above grade level for their next stage of education.

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